Faq Wigs

1-Is the wigs made of 100% human hair?

YES. All of our lace wigs are made of 100% Indian Remy human hair and you can treat it as your own hair.

2-How do I know my wig size?

With a tape measure, begin at the front of your hairline and wrap the tape behind your ear to the nape of your neck around to your other ear until the tape meets again at the front of your hairline. 95% of the population will fit into the medium wig size. The comfortable elastic/cloth material stretches and fits head sizes from 21.5"-22.5". Cap sizes may vary slightly by brand. Most wigs have adjustable tabs at the neck to adjust the cap up to 1" for a comfortable and secure fit.

Size Head Circumference
Ultra Small 20.5"
Small 21"
Small-Medium 21.25"
Medium 21.5"-22.5"
Large 23"

3-Any tips on making wigs appear more natural?

Human hair wigs tend to offer the most natural look, but today synthetic wigs can also look very natural as well thanks to great innovations in wig technology. Styles with lace front features or those that are 100% hand tied will also appear very natural. When it comes to choosing a style, consider styles that will be most flattering given your face shape. As for colour, it is often wise to stick close to your own natural hair colour.

4-What if my head sweats a lots?

Not to worry! We offer a great solution with No Sweat Liners by HEADLINE IT!

5-Can I curl or straighten my wig?

Consider human hair wigs for the ultimate styling versatility as you can curl or straighten them as you would your own hair, our synthetic hair wigs can curl and straighten too. 

6-Can I colour my wig?

Most wigs offer a variety of colours to choose from, lessening the need to colour them. While synthetic hair cannot be dyed, human hair wigs can. But it is a tricky process that should be handled by a hair professional only. We recommend only going darker, not lighter as there is a lot of chemical processing involved in the making of a wig and any additional manipulation can cause damage.

7-Can I swim or shower with my wig?

you can but we do not recommend this. It can put too much stress on the hair and create unmanageable tangles. Also, pool chemicals and salt can damage and dry out the hair as well as affecting the colour.

8-Will my wig blow off?

Don't believe what you see in the films...  Our wigs are all fully adjustable with 4 internal comb slides for an easy, secure & confident fit.

9-Can I cut my wig? 

Of course! A little trim is usually hassle free. However, if you are considering restyling or thinning your wig, we highly recommend you take your wig to an experienced hairstylist who will advise you or do this for you. 

10-How do choose the right style of wig?

There's a great technique for this... Know your face shape!

11- What are the different types of wig hair fibers?


  • Heat-Friendly: Want the styling flexibility of human hair combined with the affordability of synthetic hair? Heat-friendly synthetic fibers are the answer! This is an amazing breakthrough in hair technology, where you can style the synthetic fiber with your favorite heat tool (up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit). This is great for the woman on the go, who still wants to customize it to fit her style.

  • Human Hair: If you want the ultimate in realism, then human hair is just for you. The cost of human hair products can vary from the quality of the fiber. Regular (non-Remy) human hair wigs have cuticles that have been removed. The more luxurious, Remy human hair wigs have all the "Virgin" hair cuticles facing one direction, providing the ultimate in softness and less tangling. The best thing about human hair? You can style it with heat or have your stylist color it!